Government of Nepal
Ministry of Communication and information Technology
Department Of Information Technology
Organization Structure
Director General
Private Secretariat
Na. Su.- 1
e-Goverance Section
System development
IT Officer/Computer Officer-1
Coordination and promotion
IT Officer/Computer Officer (Tech.) -1
Section Officer (Adm.) -1
Government Integrated Data Centre 
IT Eng./Computer Officer (Tech.) -2 Computer Technician(tech.)-3
Infrastructure Development, Security and Regulation Section
Infrastructure development
IT Officer/Computer Officer -1
IT Eng./Computer Eng.(Tech.) -2
Computer Technician -1
IT Eng./Computer Eng. (Tech.) -1
Permission and Regulation
IT Officer/Computer Officer (Tech.) -1
Training, Research and Development Section
Manpower Development
IT Officer/Computer Officer (Tech.) -1
Section Officer(adm.) -1
Research and Development
IT Eng./Computer Eng.(Tech.) -1
Administration, Planning and Monitoring Section
Administration, planning and monitoring
Section Officer (adm.) -1
Na. Su.-2
Kharidar -1
Financial Administration 
Account Officer -1
Asst. Account Officer-1