Government of Nepal
Ministry of Communication and information Technology
Department Of Information Technology
Organization Structure
Director General-1
Gazetted First Class (/Information Technology)
e-Goverance Section
Director,Gazette Second Class()-1
System Development and Operation and Criteria determining Unit
Information Technology Engineer () -1
Coordination , promotion and Training
Information Technology Officer ()-1
Information Technology Engineer () -1
Financial Administration Unit
Account Officer, Gazette Third Class()-1
Accountant -1
Certification and Cyber Forensic Section
Director,Gazette Second Class()-1
Certification(Digital Signature) Unit
Information Technology Engineer () -1
Cyber Forensic Unit
Information Technology Engineer() -1
Legal Consultation Unit
Legal Officer, Gazette Third Class-1
Administration, planning and monitoring Unit
Section Officer, Gazette Third Class()-1
Na. Su.-3
Computer Technician -8
Small Vehicle Driver-2
Office Helper-6
Infrastructure Development, Research, Security and Regulation Section
Director, Gazette Second Class()-1
Infrastructure Development Unit
Information Technology Officer()-1
Security & Research Unit
Information Technology Engineer()-1
Licensing and Regulation Sub-Section
Information Technology Engineer / Computer Engineer
Gazette Third Class()-1