E-Village means access of information technology to the rural level by development, extension and promotion of areas including public services (e-service), education, health, agriculture, tourism, and local development. The main purpose of this program is to raise the level of life and economic development of the rural areas through the rapid development of the information and communication technology to minimize the growth of digital divide between city and rural area. Due to lack of availability of information technology infrastructure and skilled manpower, providing services to remote and rural areas of the country deprived of basic and essential services will be extremely accessible and effective through E-Village Center. In this sense E-Village centers are as information technology service centers.

To implement E- Village program, the Department has provided the Desktop Computer, Laptop, Printer, Photocopy, Scanner, Projector, Ext. Hard Disk, Sound System, Switch, Modem, Solar Power Backup, E-Village Portal, E-School MIS Software, Digital Contents (Teaching / Learning Audio-Visual Contents), including hardware, software and digital content.

The details of E-village centers established from the department are as follows:

  1. Arghakhanchi
  • E-Village Center Shree janajyoti Higher Secondary School, Sandhikharka, arghakhanchi.
  1. Chitwan
  • E-Village Center Shree Aadarsha Higher Secondary School, Dibyanagar, Chitwan.
  1. Udaipur
  • E-Village Center Shree Sangam Library, Gaighat, Udaipur.
  1. Jhapa
  • E-Village Center, Durgapur, Jhapa
  • E-Village Center, Shree Triphala National Library, Central Office, Mechinagar-1, Dhulabari, Jhapa.
  1. Rautahat
  • E-Village Center Shree Sanskrit Higher Secondary School, Matsari, Rautahat.
  1. Ramechhap
  • E-Village Center, Shree Dahu Higher Secondary School, Bethan, Ramechhap.
  1. Sindhupalchowk
  • E-Village Center Shree SetiDevi Panchakanya Higher Secondary School, Kubinde, Sindhupalchowk.
  1. Parbat
  • E-Village Center Shree Himalaya Higher Secondary School, Khurkot, Parbat.
  • E-Village Center Shree Moti Library, Khanigaun, Parwat.
  1. Sarlahi
  • E-Village Center, Shree Ram Sakhi Mohit Singh Janata Higher Secondary School, Balara, Saralahi.
  • E-Village Center Shree TejNarayan Dayawati Janata Higher Secondary School, Fenahara, Pakaji, Sarlahi (Simara V.D.C).
  1. Achham
  • E-Village Center, Shree Rastriya higher Secondary School, Babla, Achham.
  1. Salyan
  • E-Village Center, Shree Janata Lower Secondary School, Burasetakuri, Damachaur, Salyan.
  1.  Banke
  • E-Village Center, Shree Siddeshwor Higher Secondary School, Fattepur, Banke.
  • E-Village Center, Shree Jay Janata Secondaray School, Manipur V.D.C -4, NayaBasti, Thapuwa, Banke.
  1.  Kavre
  • E-Village Center, Shree Sapaneshwor Higher Secondary School, Tukucha-4, Kavre.
  1. Pyuthan
  • E-Village Center Shree kshetra Bikash Secondary School, Bijuwar -04, Punyakhola, Pyuthan.
  • E-Village Center, Shree Janajagaran Samudayik Bikash kendra, Pyuthan na. pa.-16, Pyuthan.
  1. Dang
  • E-Village Center Shree. Mahendra Higher Secondary School, Dharna-2, Dang.
  1. Kanchanpur
  • E-Village Center Shree ShuklaFanta Samudayik Pustakalaya and Museum, Bhimdutt NP-1 Bhasi, Kanchanpur.
  1.  Kaski
  • E-Village Center, shree High One Hope Samudayik Pustakalaya, Lekhanath-18, Kaski.
  1. Lamjung
  • E-Village Center, Shree Chandra Jyoti Lower Secondary School, Baglungpani-9, Bimdabesi, Lamjung.
  1. Dhankuta
  • E-Village Center, Shree Amar Secondary School, Phalante-8, Dhankuta.
  1. Gorkha
  • E-Village Center, Shree Shahid Smriti Higher Secondary School, Bunkot-3, Chape, Gorkha.
  1. Khotan
  • E-Village Center Shree Khotang Bikash Manch, Khotang.
  • E-Village Center, Shree Sharada Secondary School, Kharpa, Khotang.
  1. Kalikot
  • E-Village Center Shree Nandadevi Secondary School, Malkot-3, Serapata, Kalikot.
  1. Ilam
  • E-Village Center, Shree Gramin Suchana Kendra, Godak, Ilam.
  1. Saptari
  • E-Village Center Bhavani Sewa Samiti, Saptari.
  • E- Village Center, Shree Rajeshwari Lower Secondaray School, mauwaha, Saptari.
  1. Gulmi
  • E-Village Center, Shri Bhatakuwa Lower Secondary School, Gulmi.
  1.  Rupandehi
  • E- Village Center Shri paklihawa Higher Secondary School, paklihawa, Rupandehi.
  • E-Village Center Shree Shivapur Secondary School, Shibpur, Tilotama, Rupandehi.
  1.  Dolakha
  • E - Village Center Shree Hanumanteshwor Higher Secondary School, Kabre, Dolakha.
  1.  Kathmandu
  • E- Village Center, Shree Rastriya tatha Shanti Park(Smarak), Park Nirmaan tatha Byawasthapan Samiti, Gokarneshwor na. pa. 9, Jagdol, Kathmandu.
  1.  Doti
  • E- Village Center Shree Mahakali Secondary School, Khateda-4. Gadasera, Doti.
  1.  Dhanusha
  • E- Village Center, Shree Secondary School, Rudouli (Balganga)VDC, Sonigama, Dhanusha.
  1.  Sindhuli
  • E- Village Center, Shree Bahu-udeshya krishak Sahakari Sanstha Limited, Jhagajholi Ratamata-1, Sindhuli
  1.  Tanahu
  • E- Village center Shree Shring Secondary School, KotDurbar-8, Gothadi, Tanahu.
  1.  Rolpa
  • E- Village Center, ShreeTara Secondary School, Liwang Na. pa. 8, Rolpa.
  1.  Surkhet
  • E- Village Center Shree Khanddevi Secondary School, Chauras, Satakhani-5, Surkhet.
  1.  Makawanpur
  • E-Village Center, Shree BatsalaDevi Secondary School, Sisneri, Makwanpur.
  1.  Siraha
  • E- Village Center, Shri Janasewa Higher Secondary School, Karjanha-4, Siraha.
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    G Cloud

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    E-Village means access of information technology to the rural level by development, extension and promotion of areas including public services (e-service), education, health, agriculture, tourism, and local development. The main purpose of this program is

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