E-Attendance is an online attendance system which helps to manage employee’s attendance, leave and payroll

Objectives of E-Attendance:

  1. Storing all employee attendance and leave management record centrally
  2. Managing employee personnel information centrally
  3. Keeping a standard system for attendance
  4. Generating user based e-attendance reports.

General features of E-Attendance system:

  1. Web based application
  2. Role based user administration
  3. User management function
  4. Leave management
  5. Search function
  6. Online application and approval
  7. Holiday management
  8. Daily/Monthly/Yearly report generating and printing function
  9. Automatic import attendance log

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Centralized E-Attendance System User Details:

  1. Truth and Reconciliation Commission
  2. National Information Commission
  3. Ministry of General Administration
  4. Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
  5. Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation              
  6. Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs
  7. Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport
  8. Ministry of Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation
  9. Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation
  10. Ministry of Agricultural Development
  11. Ministry of Information and Communication
  12. Ministry of Education
  13. Ministry of Land Reform and Management
  14. Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development
  15. Department of Information Technology
  16. Department of Printing
  17. Department of Food Technology and Quality Control
  18. Department of Urban Development and Building Construction
  19. Attorney general of Office
  20. Office of Controller of Certification
  21. Youth and Small Entrepreneur Self-employment Fund
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    G Cloud

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  • E-Attendance


    E-Attendance is an online attendance system which helps to manage

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